I have hunger

Hunger for what, I don't know. It might have to do with staring at the pic from two entries below. Yum. And I didn't get to finish it because S, for not having ate dinner when we met up for the Kings of Convenience show decided to snap the leftovers bag off me and gobble its contents down like a hungry animal. The bread, along with the meat. _O_

Now I hunger, after scouting Gnomeregan (of WoW) for hours, hacking through leprous gnomes, irradiated troggs, mechanical arachnids and evil dwarves, just to find the Alliance stronghold of Ironforge attacked by a handful of Horde soldiers, who managed to successively kill all three auctioneers and three bankers! With the hundred of us in the city not able to do much. And had to wait 10 more minutes for the NPC to respawn before carrying on with transactions. Bleh. But I don't know if the hunger is one that's related to food, based on the traditional definition of it. There's a hunger for endless debates, some other hunger for warmth, a spoonworth of hunger for inspiration. A hunger for a million unnamed things.

In the more day-by-day issues, I've been doing little since last week's adrenaline rush to finish the pox exercise. Now it's simply bleh, no energy. I would like to have a good meal, and get on with it. Finish correcting the eleven-odd complement of reports for Group 6, and have the distinguished pleasure of assigning preliminary grades. I don't want this to end. I don't want this to be the top of the hill. I want it to continue. I want to stop feeling stagnation. I want to live.

[Music: Kings of Convenience - Cayman Islands]

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