Montreal: Transportation


(Hmm, will run out of titles soon)

Took a morning trip to downtown, one of the pre-7AM trains on the Rigaud-Dorion to Montreal line. The train is seldom being used in North America: people can afford cars, and it's a cultural thing to make getting a car one of your first financial objectives in life. I don't have my driving license for one thing, and am considered a weirdo. I know only a few people my age (or heck, 16+ ^^;) who don't have it yet. I guess if I'm going to Asia for a while, then I could perhaps live my whole life without knowing how to drive?

I can guess what sort of rush it'd be to be in control of some powerful machine. Roaring in front of the driver's wheel, a motor as powerful as a few hundred horses (if there's a correspondance between hsp and real-life horsies :D). Anyways, whatever. It's denial, laziness, and social choice. All related to the non-girlfriend issue some 'd say...


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