Getting to World Expo 2005 in one piece

I also dare Google to list me as the only source to clear directions in English for getting to the Expo 2005 site. So everyone can more or less find his way to Nagoya station. Now there seems to be a few ways to get to the Expo site, which is about 20 km away from the center of Nagoya. Two easier ways for backpackers to get there (which I'll try when I get there): one is via the Nagoya subway, the other is through the "Aichi Loop" line. But so far, nothing specific about the line off Google, so I'll assume it exists. Both ways get you to the ends of the Linimo, that maglev train I've heard about a lot in tourist videos about Japan - well actually, the Japanese version of the Maglev (the Germans have their own - implemented in Shanghai between the city centre and Pudong Airport) seems to be to its first real-life-with-real-passengers incarnation, and was opened March 6th 2005, err, I mean, will open March 6th 2005. ^^; So, here we go:

  • Subway: Take the subway at Nagoya station. Take the yellow line (Higashiyama Line - Or "Eastern Hills" (東山) to designate the hilly area East of Nagoya, I think.) up to the end towards East. The name of the station you stop at is called Fujigaoka (藤が丘). From there, take the Linomo up to Banpaku Kaijo (万博会場 - roughly "International Expo Meeting Plaza", says Babelfish and mine incoherent Chinese >_>) station (this is station "L07", whereas Fujigaoka is L01). The subway fee is 290円 and the Linimo is 340円, for a total of 630円, about CAD7.40 or USD6.00 as of today.
  • Train: I suppose it's part of the JR pass, so right away you save the $3-4 worth of train. So from Nagoya station, take the obscure Aichi Loop Line. From the JR station of Yakusa (八草), you can apparently reach the end of the maglev line Linimo called Banpaku Yakusa (万博八草 - roughly "International Expo Yakusa" - and I recognize the kanji standing for "Eight Grasses"). This station is labelled "L07". So, basically it's two stations towards the West direction to Banpaku Kaijo (万博会場). I don't know what the cost of the train is, but for the Linimo part, since you are travelling between only two stations, it's only 160円 (CAD1.90 and USD1.52 - I pay less than this to travel between my home and downtown Montreal everyday, for about the same distance between Nagoya station and the Expo site... Japan's going to be my ruin -_-).

(PDF Map of the Nagoya subway, which can come in handy if you're a proficient recognizer of kanji! A cute Japanese-only map of the Linomo line. Linimo fares and schedules. And the best map found so far of the itiniraries I just described, in Chinese/kanji only, phew - ok let's steal it from JR Central and post it here... Will amend this entry as I get more info...)


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