Canadian Passport


This entry's for gg. Which is the new one? (Well, you can tell from the cruncher marks...) And notice how they changed the fonting a bit...




Alice said:

You're such a spunk ~_^ I think you'd look great with highlights in your spikey hair.

gg said:

Welcome to the club! Did you catch anything to add to the "Hey, New Passport Goodies!" list (

I wonder what font that is on the cover. Pretty sleek, huh? I do miss the more flourishing script on the inside front cover though; that new one looks way less classy. And what's with all the messed-up line breaks?

Ced said:

Somehow looks like Lucida Sans... but I guess it's one of those obscure commercial fonts. And it does look less "classy". It's more a thing about the new font being more modern than the previous, which we got used to...

I kinda liked my old passport's plastified page 1-2. The new page 1-2 feels frail. And I see the picture is actually scanned in, wow.

Can't wait to use the passport. :D

Ced said:

Re: Alice

Everytime I go to the hair salon, I am considering the highlights thingy because it's such an Asian thing to fantasize about having hair that's not the same color as everyone else in your family (or friends circle). In Tokyo, couldn't quite find anyone with dark hair. Or at least not as noticeable...

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