Montreal: Cars, etc

Oh well. This is Tara (Sayena's sister) driving us to the Vieux-Montreal to have some urban Sugar Shacking at Cabaret du Roy. Cars are an ubiquitous thing in Canada. And the real reason behind my leaving-away is of course the search for a city where driving is not a required skill. :P

There was a moment of fleeting panic when my camera froze after a serious shock on the rock-solid floor (it was in its pouch, but still). And for the whole (afternoon) dinner, I tried playing with the cover, trying to retract the camera objective... But no avail, the was a "E18" error appearing on the screen every time I'd try to turn on the camera. After we got home, my dad opened the case, fiddled around with it, to no avail. But eventually I tried something prescribed on the Internet (was recommending to change the battery and memory)... and tadaa! It moved! My dad thinks the battery probably died, was strong enough to power the LCD, but not enough to respond mechanically.

I was dropped off at Future Shop, where my dad picked me up. My PowerShot S40 is getting old, so I'm expecting it to die off (for real) sometime in the coming year... I think I trust Canon: most of my friends own Canon brand cameras. If I were to buy a new one, it'd probably be something in the S series (if the budget allows). I don't know, but I'm drooling at advanced features. The Canon digital camera museum.



gg said:


The Sony T11 I'm on right now's not bad too, not as many manual features to play around with (mostly full-auto and dumbed down for people like me) but a good size to carry around.

I saw that pic and thought it was a TSX with the metal going across the dash (like - is it? Looks kind of Acura/Honda-ish anyway. Good stuff!

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