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I don't have any problems with the healthcare system. But then, I'm neither in bad health, nor do I have "older" relatives who're particularly crippled. I guess we've been blessed in this family, somehow. Good genes I suppose, besides minor inconveniences such as hereditary nearsightedness (I doubt any of my aunts/uncles on *both* sides doesn't wear glasses or contacts), and diabetes. But hey, you can do something so that your diabetes doesn't get so bad, such as eating less sweets! But to stop reading or looking at little things for myopia? And it's one thing I'm perhaps worried about concerning life in Asia. All the what-ifs, like, what if I were to suffer some sort of disease/injury that'd require me to test their hospitals? I really love my Canadian socialist way. I can't afford it now as a student/young folk, perhaps I'll repay it 10-fold when I grow older. That sort of thinking.

What say you, doctors to be?



gg said:

I like it too. I can't imagine working any other way. Or at least, from the Canada vs US perspective we're all predisposed to taking, I can't imagine working the way it does in the States anyway. But in a public/private mix, like in the UK or Singapore? Hmm... Not too many other jobs out there where you have to think about these sorts of things.

When I get my prescription pads designed (and they will be _designed_, no off-the-shelf blah generic templates here!), they'll have pre-printed stuff like "quit smoking" or "eat less sweets and fat" on them too.

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