All for the ¥ (or b/c I'm a currency geek)

The Japanese Yen's like freakin' $87.20 CAD now (up from 83.50 two weeks ago)... Of course, as always putting things into perspective, every cent the Canadian Dollar gains on the JPY is like one buck... The yen was 76 cents when I was in Japan in 2002. Now that I think back, I went the weekend of August 10th-ish, an important Holiday in the Japanese calendar, thus why Tokyo was so eerily empty, even at rush hour.

If the 人民幣 is pegged to the USD, then I'm looking forward to going to China. :D (The HKD too, so.)

It's also freakin' 22 degrees forecast for Wednesday in 東京. (Ahhh, sigh, it isn't Montreal. :P)

And don't mind the Chinese characters. It's all just coming back to me. All that sudden rush of I'm-glad-to-be-thinking-I'm-somewhere-else.


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