Montreal: 慶祝


To celebrate. I am far from being born to be a celebrator, or even a celebratee. I usually kill the mood of a party when I try to hard. It's just like that party I had last summer. It was super well planned. I met with the twins a couple of times, and we even coldly discussed the plans in the aftermath of my brother's disaster of a summer party (not his ex' fault, I just think things weren't meant to be - anyways, he's supposed to try again this summer with a couple of friends).

But in the end, the experience fell short when the host lost his breath. For one thing, I believed people genuinely wanted to be there. But it was all put together by myself. There was no spontaneous "let's have a party" attitude. And on top of it, no real reason to celebrate.

I've done it I think. I had a party. I organized something that was 10-people plus several times already. To someone who can't socialize with more than 2 people he doesn't know previously, this is the greatest feat. I think I was very glad that all my friends came (besides those who were out of town or had other occupations). I really want to leave Montreal. It's like the closing paragraph of the current chapter. Indeed. It's hard to express I guess, but I was glad.

(A bit less glad that I was too airheaded to remember bringing the camera... the best memories aren't necessarily those you keep on film. This afternoon was also time for my lab to celebrate. We published in Nature Genetics. So we had three bottles of champagne and a cake from Premiere Moisson, and merrily chatted away...)


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