Ok, this is it. Tomorrow I'm leaving. I was trying to reminisce the weeks/days before leaving last time, and nothing comes in mind. Except for generalities, such as, it was in the middle of summer, and it was hot. *_* Of course, anything photo-documented, I'll remember. But preparations to the trip? Absolutely nothing, besides buying the Hong Kong & Macau Lonely Planet. Not even packing up. It must've been because I had no idea of what I was going there for. Perhaps I went just to run away from something... The after-effects of the trip lasted for about two years: taking Chinese classes, listening to even more Jpop/Cpop/Kpop, overdosing of FanTasia, and so on...

(Oh well, my mom won't let me breathe until I leave. I've been planning the trip, and she's planning *the logistics* of my trip.)

And then, nothing. No more dreams, no more nothing. It is probably b/c I repress but since I'm going, there's nothing to repress about anymore. Only pure hard reality: I am physically going to remove myself from North America. I want to get lost in Japan. I mean, anywhere, as long as it isn't here...

The pics collection is thus reachable from the side links (the icon/image you can't miss). And I say: sayonara Montreal.

The feeling is that I'm not exactly nervous about being there. On the other hand, I can't wait to upload my first pictures, or blog my first blog on Japanese soil. I should know that it's about being there that's the most important of it all.

I'm not a people-traveller person. Not particularly good at meeting new people - perhaps I should just smile a bit more at random. I loved that Labyrinth movie with David Bowie (although, for the record, it scared me back then, just like, err, hulk did?). I like the futuristic cities presented in Cowboy Bebop, or Ghost In The Shell. Or I also like going to places like the Great Wall and Guilin. No idea. I feel like just watching the sceneries, and exploring bazaars. Will be travelling light (except when moving between cities). Etc Etc Etc. I'm incoherent.


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