Won't be able to sleep today + Inventory

EST + 1400 = JST

Therefore it doesn't matter whether I sleep or not, it's like pulling an all-nighter. Anyways.

Things with me: Japan Lonely Planet guide, plane ticket, Canadian passport, handful of yen, handful of us dollars, my <3 digicam, two spare batteries, Dawkins' Selfish Gene, Murakami's Underground, the textbook for Bacterial Pathogenesis, a lab stopwatch, music CDs, data CDs, 2002 model of Sony CD-MP3, Japanese phrasebook, printouts of customs restrictions, help sheets "interview skills", Moleskine booklet/diary, magnetic clip-on, postcard from the "Montreal voit grand" exhibit, vouchers for various exhibits, pens, eraser, a couple of papers on SARS and Influenza, and photos of friends and family <3.


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