Once more, into the recursion

The sakura have semi-flowered. I won't be posting pics, but please refer to the whole collection. I'm too tired, and it's really tiresome (really) to select, reduce, comment on each picture like this. Catch me for dinner when I come back to Montreal. [There are also videos, which start with "MVI" and at the bottom of the listings)

So today I went to Kamakura. I saw one or two sakuras flowering. Nothing to get wet for however, but I took some pics. Hopefully will be more when I come back.

So I'm embarking on a 6-day trip to the West. Expect no pics at all, because I probably won't have full access to any computer.

As I said, today I went to Kamakura, which is a sorta Long Island or Mont-Tremblant for Tokyoites. And it's got a beach, so I touched Pacific Ocean water for the first time in my life. :D Anyways. There were temples all around the place, and small merchant streets with overpriced everything.

I was in Tokyo's market this morning. So the special thing about public markets in Tokyo is that it's mostly for fish and other sea products. I scoured the market fringe for sushi places, cuz apparently it's sashimi fresher than fresh, but found one only after giving up the sushi and having had a shrimp tempura meal... Yeah, noodles places are ubiquitous in Tokyo. They're like fries and burger places in Montreal. Or something like that. Sushi, OTOH, keeps its status of "expensive" food, except maybe when it's served for lunch - so then you can find it in a bento for around 1000-1500yens. Great, isn't it?

After Kamakura, I gave up on Enoshima, took the train back from the waterfront to Kamakura JR, and then back to Yokohama. From there, I went to Yokohama's Chinatown, which is like Disneyland, or that Epcot Center World Showcase theme park in Orlando. You know, it's not really authentic, and it's overpriced. And it's cardboard unauthentic. I mean, a char siu bun for freakin' 500yens? Granted they're bigger, but then everyone knows how expandable the flour is... There was a Chinese bun stand at every three shops, like, and I suspect it's a cartel. >_>

Then I'm back to Iidabashi, too tired to do anything fancy. So screw the world.

I experienced sardines-can'ing in Yokohama, at 6:30PM on the Yokohama line between Yoko and Shin-Yoko. Woaw. I didn't mind. Except that you indeed feel so lonely among the crowds. My universe for someone to relate my trip with. If it was live, it'd be twice as good.

Eyes dying. Gotta catch the 7:36 Shin for Osaka. Changing for Hiroshima at Shin-Osaka, and stop in Hiroshima for a few hours, and then finally in Hakata-Fukuoka, the metropolis on the island of Kyushu. (My minimal Chinese is so useful - I can say all those city names in my head in Chinese)



Fred said:

Salut Ced, c'est le cousin Fred.
Je viens juste de remplir ma déclaration d'impot, grrrr...
Je me détends un peu en regardant tes quelques photos du Japon.
Au fait, rappelle-moi ce que tu es venu faire au Japon : vacances, boulot, études, visite d'amis, ouverture d'entreprise !...
Quand est-ce que tu vas en Chine ? Pékin, Shanghai, HK ?


Ced said:

Je fais juste passer. Me dirige vers Hong Kong dans une semaine. Ici cest les vacances. Pis je passe une entrevue a HK pour le grad school, et retourne en vacances en Chine et HK.


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