Hong Kong (first week - continued) and Macau

I was told it's only been a week I'm in Hong Kong. Although it feels as if I were here forever. Not particularly pleasant last few days, as the job stuff gets swirling into my head, along with stuff needed to be taken care of back home, home university that is. In all and for all, the weather's grey, and it perfectly reflects my current mood.

I have posted pictures up on Tacos. I am forcing myself to emit some visual data about myself only because it will be beneficial for myself in the future, so here we go.

大家樂! Hong Kong fast-food chain, "Cafe de Coral". A must. :P

Taken on Wednesday. Was dressed like this for the interview. I came to realize I overdressed, when seeing the other candidates. Oh well. >_>

Now pics from Macau, but first, pictures of Macau in 2002.

Worth comparing with the picture I took in 2002 at about the same place. The playground facing Casino Lisboa near the Portuguese school is in the process of being replaced by a brand new casino/hotel complex. American money is being invested in the area, with a newly-built Sands, and upcoming Venetian, and the rest.

Largo de Senado, acts as Macau's central square. The central post office is a few blocks away, so are a few of the American fastfood chains.

Yes, since going to Asia in 2002 and trying beef cartillages, I've been feeling "Ok" about eating beef flank noodles (22 patacas - noodles are a steal, with our Canadian budget, even at famous places like where we went, on Largo de Senado). It's really good when you stop thinking about it. When will I be like this for chicken feet?

"Loal" beer, said the menu. For 9 patacas (about 9HKD, so about 1.25USD), I thought it'd be a small personal bottle, but I should've known better from my experience with Chinese beer... It was kind of bland, but worth what it was worth. I guess it's brewed in Zhuhai, so the name would imply...

A few shops along the road down from the remains of Sao Paolo (which underwent quite a facelift - but it might be also possible that I just overlook the museum at the back, last time, as I was accompanied by my great-aunt).

Moorish-influenced Portuguese architecture in Asia. That's some good stuff.

On Largo de Senado, a food stall sells sort of egg-based cookies cooked on a pan (like the ones you use for waffles). Self-pic, one of the bestest.

Impressive on the outside, demonstrates all the vices and anti-glamour of gambling in the inside. My idea of Macau casinos shouldn't be based on this, says aunt, as the Lisboa is the first one to be established, and not quite renovated. With more competition on the horizon, I think Macau (like any other Chinese city) will have the resources to compete with its American equivalent, in a couple of decades...

(The rest of Macau)


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