Une rafale de happenings

So I already forgot what I did Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday was the interview (they made me wear a mask b/c of my sickness, sigh) and doctor-seeing. And today (Thursday) was walking in Shatin in the New Territories. Tomorrow's Macau.

The thing about doctors in HK (if you never watch TVB dramas, then you don't know >_>) is that medication is included with the medical consultation (each physician has their own pharmacy within their practice) so it's a frequent thing that they give you about anything they can feed you with (so I had, hm, "Klacid" antibiotics, cough syrup, acetaminophen, vitamin C caplets, and bronchodilators). But I am slightly better, no fever or sore throat, just a cough that won't stop. Blah.

Not that hot today, or yesterday. It might be 20 degrees, but people are not thrilled about it in HK, and wear long sleeves and "winter" coats. So I start to have the HK reflexes, and wore my spring coat... Tomorrow, I wear pants, notwithstanding the weather, 'cause I'm going to a casino in Macau. :D



Sabina said:

Pls not to die of the avian flu thx. :(

(Also, I translated your song. https://www.livejournal.com/users/petronia/304943.html)

Ced said:

Much thanks.


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