I still cannot upload my pictures. This Internet Cafe at least didn't scan my passport. >_> I guess it's because they aren't in the Lonely Planet. Somewhere on a commercial street which I forgot the name, perpendicular to highway, on the street where the Suzhou City Hotel stands, 10 minutes walk towards "downtown".

I briefly heard about Benedict XVI this morning on BBC World, and of course the China Daily doesn't talk about it (even if it was yesterday's). No BBC World in the hotel room, only 15 channels of CCTV, plus another 15 of various Chinese channels. Oh, one English channel where they were interviewing some professor about "cross-straight" politics.

In any case, experiencing life in China firsthand. Drinking water, you got to boil it yourself, or buy it from the convenience store (actually not so different from HK, and other countries with advanced style of life).

I am not sure whether I have "Jianada" written on my forehead, or if people here are like people from anywhere in the world, meaning that they don't care who you are and are busy enough with their own things to try and trick you into some more-than-complicated scheme. There's yet something bad happening to me. Crossing my fingers that it doesn't occur now.



Sleepless (aka Jane) said:

Funny. I was talking to my coworker about SuZhou today. I thought you went to Asia before? You're going again? So lucky lucky! :D

Have fun! What job are you being interviewed for?

Guess what? I'm trying to find that link that you gave me last time. I lost it again coz I had my last comp reformatted. The mp3 one! hahhaa..hopefully u can get back to me on that one.

Ced said:

Heh, I see. Yeah, back in Asia for a few months this time...

Will forward you the link next time I see you online (or rather, msg me - I'll mail you later perhaps).


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