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A bit derogatory to China, and in fact, the country ceases not to impress me in how fast it develops into a modern nation. You may have to walk a while before managing to scratch off the golden polish, but indeed you might start believing all this is real.

Little things strike me, but for not having a companion to talk with by my side, it makes it absolutely hard to always remember about them. Hmm, well, this morning on BBC World (in Nanjing they've English channels - of course, it's a five-star hotel (Nanjing Grand Hotel) and it's a Japanese-Chinese joint venture) there was a physics professor, Michio Kaku, on the Hardtalk show, talking about the origins of the universe, the "bubble" multiverses theory...). And again, it stirs all sorts of things in my head - but not too much this time, since I'm in vacation after all.

And at the Nanjing shop, there were books about Chiang Kai-shek, not that it's anything new, since anything said about him are bad anyways. Not much about the Kuomingtang is good, over Wikipedia, it might or might not be trolling. I don't know. As an overseas Chinese, I've been taught that the Japanese are one evil of 20th Century China, and that the Nationalist Party is the other (and of course, the Communists are teh bad too, during the 1949-76 period anyways).

And enough political commentary, because I'm making no sense at all, just looking for a partner to discuss these stuffs with. And the rest I'll elaborate later tonight, or more likely tomorrow. Gotta relax and think about what I want to do next. Seems like I so want to go swimming, and watch Howl's Moving Castle.


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