Guilin and Singapore

Booked tour to Guilin, from this Thursday, May 19th, till Sunday. And looking to go to Singapore, dirt cheap fare on Cathay, 1190HKD (+340HKD airport taxes), or equivalently 200CAD + 60CAD. :D


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Fred said:

Hi, me again... with Nath & Ludo in Paris, China town (le 13ème)!
Nice pics: flowers and flowers and food! No Starbucks in Singapore? New travel to Guilin? and ur job search in HK? In last mail, we meant Did u buy a new Jay Chou CD? Hhhhhaaaaa, everyone's tired here, cos the week end... Bye

Cedric Sam said:

Sorry les amis, pas de Starbucks a Saigon.

Job search is kaputt, je vais devoir revenir je pense.

Jay Chou, j'ai chaud.


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