Cheung Chau and Dinner at Rene's

Yesterday, I went to Cheung Chau (長州), in preemption of the Bun Festival. I wasn't interested in the crowds there were going to be today. Funnily the McDonald's had a "vegetarian" menu, of course complete with mayonnaise in the McVeggie (not sold in Canada, so a first-time for me), and ever-good french fries pre-cooked in beef fat. I saw the beautiful beach, and wish I had company to check over my stuff, as I probably would've just bought a new pair of swimming pants for the occasion, on that superb sunny tropical afternoon.

Then I joined my aunt and uncle's families for dinner, and stuffed my face like I never did (it must've been from dejecting and rejecting of myself in the past few days...) with kwa soup, oily chicken, liver sausages, steamed fish, steamed baby bak choi, and three bowls of rice! The pics and videos have the area around which my uncle lives, and my 4 years old cousin (he's not content with being close to 5, that he already wants to be 6 years old) introducing the flat.



Sabina said:

Dude, I can't believe you went to that wacky bun festival! That's so cool! I was just reading about it in the faits divers today and laughing at the whole McDo Buddhist veggie menu thing.

Well, this way I get pictures to acompany the faits divers. :D

Cedric Sam said:

Aha, don't I feel useful sometimes! :D And you have to talk to me about S'pore. Lates,


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