Shenzhen pictures

Shenzhen is the city bordering Hong Kong in China. I spent most of my time Monday, Tuesday in Dongguan, another city towards the provincial capital of Guangzhou, but only technically on the border of Dongguan with Shenzhen.
The city of Shenzhen. Like a cheap version of Hong Kong with more space between buildings. Even their MTR looks cheap in its green, and uses special token seemingly embedded with IC's instead of the Octopus...

My uncle Chi Tong, showing me the factory in Dongguan he shares with his brother, specialized in household electronics. He himself rarely goes to Dongguan, as he takes care of trading in HK. His brother manages/presides the production section on the Mainland.

My uncle Peter runs the family's business passed on from his father, and which started in HK until they did like everyone else and their mothers and settled in Shenzhen/Dongguan in 1993. They're primarily a metal company supplying some big names in Japan and the States.

I had a Zhongshan suit tailormade in Shenzhen later on Tuesday, as I shopped with my aunts. Wanted one for the longest time, so now I have it, for 700RMB, roughly 110CAD.

Someday, there won't be a need for a border anymore... You travel to Shenzhen, you suddenly feel the irresistible force that is China...


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