Lost in Singapore?

You can't possibly get lost in Singapore, although K insists I/she will get lost.

On the other hand, I am booking Malaysia. Super-random moment, I spoke with Wee, and I somewhat invited myself to his home (while he isn't there). How more random does it get? Like, going to Kuala Lumpur on the next day? ... Sigh.

I'm either out of ideas, or out of cash. One of the two is causative of the other - they are not occuring independently. I'd like to think that I am afraid to spend my cash... Can't possibly run out of places to go to? South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, some more China Mainland even perhaps (I'd have to be Yunnan or Hunan because I can't give a damn about Xi'an or Beijing anymore... I want to see nice landscapes like Guilin, and I want to get lost in China, but then anyone in my entourage would not advise it).

I am going to head back to Montreal on June 26th, with a night in Tokyo (so June 27th afternoon, I am back). It's going to be twice as long as in 2002. The fall will only be greater. But there is summer to absorb the shock. Now for something exciting... I have this urge for excesses, as if I felt I never did anything "interesting" in Montreal. It's not a boring city, far from it. It's just a handful too much to discuss.


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