Singapore is not boring

The food! Enough said.

Singapore and Cedric and his huge-ass backpack.

Immigration card...

...with protocolar warnings about local laws.
I made a good choice with the Betel Box. The hostel is owned and run by this former IT professional (who worked/studied in England/Australia). They also offer guided tours of the city, including a "food walk" on Thursdays, where you simply walk around the neighborhood for hours jumping from food stall or restaurant to another. Included in cost of bed, which is 18SGD, or roughly 14CAD... Now I understand why Google lists it as #1 when searching "Youth Hostel Singapore" (and the dude knew exactly how it progressed on the Page Rank system too).

So we went for the food walk, albeit a shortened one since two of the walkers were flying away tonight. We were only 5, including Tony the owner/guide. So the food walk was instead a sampling of hawker centre food. Instead of roadside food stalls, Singapore now has those "hawker centres" where all the food stalls are parked in an area, making a sort of outdoor food courts serving local food.

Joo Chiat Road, at night. "Joo Chiat" is also the name of the pretty famous neighborhood our youth hostel is located in. Photo courtesy of riding on the back of a pick-up truck. ^^;


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gg said:

Organised, centralised hawker centres... that is _so_ Singapore.

Does Singapore have a government logo? Like the Canada wordmark? Or is it just "Republic of Singapore"?

I am so jealous of you right now. Someday I'll make it over there. Someday.

Cedric Sam said:

Not the city of Singapore, at least not that I know of, but the Tourism board had something with their "Uniquely Singapore" slogan which you would certainly like. They like to style things around with the lion-fish thing... It's really interesting how they merge the Chinese, Malay, Indian, Indonesian, English, whatnot cultures together...

Tap water is drinkable in Singapore!! This is the shit, I thought only Japan had that in Asia. Apparently Malaysia might too, but I'm skeptical.


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