Malaysia is not scary

In the same vein.

Anyways, I should go out see some sunshine. Kuala Lumpur is the same time zone than Hong Kong, but slighly-to-a-lot westward than it. I saw the Twin Towers already, but couldn't climb up for lack of tickets (for Got's sake, I arrived at freakin' 2PM, and it isn't closing before 5!). It rained a bit (so a lot, according to Canadian standards) at 4-ish, and I walked from Puduraya, dropped my things, went to the KLCC, then hiked on the Putra train/sub line to Chinatown, and did a bit of walking around the paradise of teh fake goods (DVDs of all movies that came out this week, along with some that probably aren't even out yet - take *that* copyright protection).

It's hot. But not that hot, cuz of cloudiness. There is nothing to see, because I neglected to read my travel guide, and I am tired. It's been like that for most of my trip: tired wherever I go. Simply because I've been jumping from places to places for the past two or three weeks - ever since Vietnam I think. There was one week in HK before Shanghai/Huadong, and two after it, and then it's been at most half a week in HK since Vietnam on ... May 5th? I stayed a week in HK after Vietnam and went to Guilin, and then it was Shenzhen the day after returning, and then off to Singapore/Malaysia after one day rest in HK.

I still find it awfully lonely in Asia. I speak with my friends once in a while, and that's really good. I envy my brother, but am happy for him and his car and his past year as a single. I'm sure he considers it a bliss. To me, he's just a bit too careful, at least from what I read from his blog, and the way he tells me things in general. Like me, yet prettier and a somewhat bigger mouth. I think he needs self-confidence, and needs to stop being so obvious as to how much importance he gives other people's opinion of him. I think that's where maturity kicks in, when you notice that other people - perhaps some who are older than you in age - may be looking up to you. And then he will be a fine young man.

I've had chats with my aunts/uncles over in HK. I like to be able to take my own decisions. Every moment is a decision I have to take on my own. This is the sweet part of the bittersweetness of travelling alone. But it has been something new: life has been a sort of non-decision. Even the girls I've had a crush on, they have been such a non-decision... so let's see, in the past 6 years... one because she spoke to me for an hour, another because we walked downtown for hours, one because I found her on my websurfing sprees, and one because she smiled at me? Much non-decision alright, and you wish love can just develop without an effort made... And as for school, one thing always led to another. You can ask yourself just how I can change, or if a breaking point will appear (to me, it seems that a career and a love life slash family is out of the question if one's not able to take decisions - some people don't need to take decisions since other people come to them) eventually after living a relatively happy life up to now.

I don't know. I was to take this vacation to "think". But I guess all the thinking I'm going to do is this blog entry, until I come back.


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