Some tourist pics first...

I won't have a summary until HK, and as the novelty wanes, the lesser get posted. Thus, sticking to the essentials...

Singapore (The Merlion, and me, thanks to my most portable tripod <3, - and then K rightly points out that the Merlion is useless on Land and Sea alike).

Kuala Lumpur (The Petronas Towers at night with my improvised tripod: a road-side fence... They really dominate the KL skyline, nothing else is even close, except the KL Tower perhaps, which is built on a hill).


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Lawrence Loh said:

Hey! Just stumbled over your blog from governorgeneral's site. I'm Canadian but my parents are Malaysian-Chinese and I did my highschool in KL. I just wanted to say your pics are great... and the reason KL is in the same TZ as Singapore is because of the Malaysian part in Borneo thre - Sarawak and Sabah (I don't know if you have the chance to go) - but they are further east, over the sea, and they just wanted to keep the country all in the same TZ. Hence the sun rises and sets in KL and S'pore at 7am/7pm! hehe. anyway, i'm at if you wanna drop by. I miss Malaysia so much!

Lawrence Loh said:

Oops, I meant same TZ at HK! :)

Cedric Sam said:

Ok! I see!

And more pics are coming up, unless you already saw the temp folder of my pics collection?

lcloh from xanga, of course I've seen you commenting on gg's blog. ^^;


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