Ciel Bleu

To boost the dramatical effect. Well, ok, going back home is a bit of a mood-downer. I am feeling homesick, but there's nothing awaiting me back home but a normal life. The same usual routine that's eventually going to numb me down like a shot of vodka (or Chinese wine).

The alternative would be to permanently live in a vacation? Certainly I'd think about for five minutes, if offered such a life, and probably I'd decline, 'cause, c'mon, at this age, can I ask for that sort of life. Which makes the current situation quite interesting, and quite ... interesting. So I keep wondering, while I spend days travelling to Shenzhen or Macau, as if they were extensions of Hong Kong (which isn't so far from the truth).

Curse the fact that I am not tall and good-looking, such that luck doesn't constantly sway my way while I remain totally clueless to its infinite blessing. Gosh, you don't know what it is when you have to jump on luck and seize it with your bare hands.

In the meanwhile, I semi-compiled this soundtrack while circulating through the Vietnamese countryside last month, and finished the compilation tonight, as I settle in my last three weeks (of sloth) in Hong Kong.


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