Rain again

... as if it were something new. At least it isn't getting any better. I haven't seen a clear blue sky since, um, ... (still thinking) a week and a half ago? So let's spread the joy.



(Really, it's raining, check the vids...)

Yeah, the tower we live in is being renovated (with drills currently drilling on the upper floors) and so the Chinese, or it seems to be a trend in Asia, always use bamboo supports and cover them with this oft-green loosely-knitted cloth/plastic material. It has been the view since April 9th, in fact, the morning after I arrived in HK (and was worse at some point when they painted the exterior and had the windows covered with plastic paper). Usually, of what I remember from 2002, the view of Causeway Bay (銅鑼灣) is fantastically unobstructed at my aunt's flat. On the left-hand-side, you have one of HK largest sports stadium, and straight ahead is the back of the Causeway Bay district (perhaps Happy Valley (跑馬地), but I doubt it, kinda far), and on the right-hand-side is Causeway Bay, bordering on the area surrounding Victoria Park.

I feel depressed for the lack of real social contact, which is by definition found only outside one's domestic circle. The quick remedy is to find some nice clothes, get a trim, and go to Lan Kwai Fong on Friday night, or hang out at one of those bars in the afternoon in Wan Chai. All of those gweilo places, you actually feel extremely weird sitting there by yourself as a singleton Chinese boy, who's actually not a local.

Not that it gets much better in Montreal anyways. There's already a base to start with in Mtl, that's a certainty. Hmm, gneh, rha. The same blues since (I was going to say 1980) departing on that morning of March 24th. Spending time with family the evening before. Going for sushi at Sakura's on the Tuesday before. And having this huge friends party on the Friday before (thinking I'd never be back - but now that I will, makes the occasion just a bit more ackward to think about). And etc. There's still a lot to be done. Time is, gha, limited, if only it can be stretched, you know, like in my parents' case?

I am going to buy digital cameras. In material comfort I find some form of happiness. I shouldn't say that. Just enjoy every moment as it comes, and give happiness a chance to thrive (ie don't sit there, take bus 11 to Wan Chai!).


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Tenzin said:

hey csam, rain is great...but only in small amounts. ..especially after several days of extreme heat. like over here in montreal. 1 week of heat, 1 week of rain, and this week is heat again. the patter is actually quite enjoyable. hope it keeps up! cya!

zaripu said:

I think the rainy season here (i.e. my village) came and went. Or at least I hope so. I don't mind rain, as long as it doesn't fall during the day.

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