Egypt (Diving Trip, El Gouna, July 12th)
The pickup truck taking us to the marina, from my uncle and and aunt's villa.

Our boat, the Abu Talib. "Father of Talib"; Talib is the boat owner's adoptive son.

The first dive trip, a shipwreck called the "Gianis D", a Greek freighter said to have been purposedly sunken for insurance claim... That reef is the scourge of maritime insurers (leisure divers paradise), with at least four documented wrecks... I was amazed that coral grows so quickly (the Gianis D wrecked 21 years ago and is now populated with a rich marine life - is only 30-40-something feet deep). We saw a Napoleon, and some huge butterfly fishes...
Diving equipment, and another scuba boat nearby. Moments after, a fishing boat came along, trying to sell us fresh sea products.

My dad had the underwater camera this time, but I tried taking pictures with my camera of the school of fish playing around the anchored boat.
Cardboard city El Gouna. 80% Europeans. This is a pic of the alley outside the diving shop, in the new marina area (anyways, all the streets look the same).


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