Buying Spree As I Prepare To Leave The Fragranced Port: Episode 1

I actually bought:

  • A set of 12 postcards of HK at night: 25HKD
  • 2 x HKU Umbrellas: 35HKD ea.
  • Photobook about Hong Kong Tramways: 100HKD
  • Shaolin Mahjong DVD for my cousins: 69HKD
  • Mini-mahjong set for my brother (comes in a regular box, along with die, tokens, season indicator): 98HKD
  • 2 x 50g Pouches of Genki Sushi matcha: 35HKD ea.
  • The Economist (July 30th to August 5th Issue: How China Runs The World Economy): 47HKD

I consider or should be buying (for myself and others):

  • Promotional Disney T-Shirts at local Gap-ish chain Giordano: 80HKD ea.
  • (Not for myself) Canon IXY55 and 1 gig SD card and case: 2,080HKD + 550HKD + 100HKD
  • Skin magazines
  • Food (a given)
  • One of those new Sony Flash Memory MP3 Player (but it's cheaper to buy in the States with our fantastic CAD/USD exchange rate and some really highly fixed suggested retail price over here in HK): 200-320CAD
  • Initial D live action film DVD, if it comes out in time...
  • Japanese hairgel (b/c it's probably made for Asian hair...)
  • HK Flag
  • Something in Chinese usually found in French/English in Canada, such as a World Map
  • 512 Mb of ordinary computer RAM: 395HKD, but the prices seem to have risen by a uniform 40-50HKD everywhere

Note: The exchange rate is currently approximately 6.3HKD per CAD (or one HKD is worth some 15-16 cents), and the Hong Kong dollar is pegged within a range comprising 7.8HKD per USD.


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