Buying Spree As I Prepare To Leave The Fragranced Port: Episode 2

Edisode 2: Getting to all the right places while not doing the right thing.

That is, ask for the damn flags, because they are not on display (me and my Canadian reflexes of assuming everything that is to be sold obviously is on display - but I should've known better, counter space, even in large 百貨公司 (department stores), is a premium in HK). So anyways, I went around the whole town, wandering and feeling a bit ackward, either because of the raw salmon in that sushi cornet purchased at the Causeway Bay Park 'n Shop, or is it because I really feel as if I've seen everything in Hong Kong already?

The moment outside the HK Convention and Expo Centre, and later on the Star Ferry, was totally out of Lost in Translation (except that Cantonese is just a language I've lost somewhere on my way out of childhood). But it's a choice to visit the city like I do. I like it this way, and it'd be even more ackward if I had to follow someone or a group of someones I'm not totally comfortable with (as in, sharing relatively the same interest, and outlook on life).

No pictures of Egypt, I protest.


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