Some pictures of Egypt [Part Three: Cairo, July 25-26]

Greater Cairo encompasses some of the most cliche parts of Egypt. You have the Pyramids of Giza (Giza is a suburb of Cairo, like Longueuil to Montreal), and the Sphinx in the same area. The Cairo/Egypt museum is also a sight, as it gathers together many of the Ancient Egypt artifacts dug out from their original site (of course some statues are conveniently placed in the open, so that people can have the chance to touch, rub and graffitize some 2000-to-4000-year old objects -_-). I left a day before everyone, so missed what I would've like seeing, a Cairo Bazaar, and a Mosque (so the only real mosque in a muslim country I've been into is Muar's in Malaysia ^^;).

Camel shit? Looks like dates to me...

Woohoo, one classic.

Another classic (credit to cousin Nicholas for picture).

Ads all over.

McArabia Meal at McDonald's (and it's of course worse than it looks like).

Me, my mother and Bro-Dave in hotel room at Movenpick Hotel in Giza.


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