Perseids 2005 & Consequent House Party

So the peak is going to be August 12th, so expect me to plant myself somewhere dark stargazing.

Then, on Saturday, I am hoping to throw some sort of summer party. Time is not going to be so bad. It's starting to get colder. And I really hate this country. Except for its close-to-free corn in August. Yummers. I should be able to negociate the house from my mother (provided I clean up my room from post-travel mess), and should be able to make it a cozy house get-together. I'm no longer sure about inviting tons of people, especially that I've understood it's pretty ackward to call up all those people. It's always very ackward, well.

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Me said:

HA! You're back! (what, no e-mail??) Cheers

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