Teaching English, what?

The weirdest proposal of all came crashing into my inbox. To leave all behind to go to China, for the 30RMB Peking Duck (with two side dishes) perhaps? Or for *real* adventure (the one you have to jump head first into)! So yeah... So YEAH?! >_> I am not patient, I am not this or that. But am I fooling myself (in the sense of blocking all these possible facets of my personality)? Or would one rather find a job comme-il-le-faut in the field he studied in? Anyways, whatever, if it's for the money...


Un job comme-il-le-faut... it has its pros and cons. I say that as a 4th-year med student longingly gazing across the campus at the law building...

Re your 16 Apr post: it reminded me of https://www.modelminority.com/article159.html (the part about "the standard is white"). Growing up in Regina, being one of only 5-10 non-white people in my high school class (of ~150), things like that kind of hit home. Guess even in the big city you never get away from it.

Cedric Sam said:

Well, it must be the first time I read something like this said in a real journalistic style.

Same thing: I was among the 5-10 non-white people in my high school too (but we were a relatively small school, ~700 people, and in a neighborhood where all the ethnic people seemed to be sending their kids to private schools...). It's a difficult feeling, beyond the dating issue, to be a visible minority. Canada might be a special country, in that it is a country of minority, but we say it's so, only because the standard in the rest of the World... well there's no standard in the rest of the World... Well, maybe take some relatively "multicultural" places like HK or, better, Singapore, where Chinese form the majority - 70%, and, well, Chinese is the standard...

Cedric Sam said:

That last comment didn't make sense. I think the standard is still white, in places like S'pore.


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