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I am stereotypically a bad host. Or it doesn't need to be stereotypical, a host is a host, and really should be some definite way to be a "good" one. Not a self-dismissal, just an observation. It's great for a few things to have friends over, instead of having some party at some restaurant. First, you get to cook. Second, you can hang-out indefinitely, until mom/dad kicks you out, if you live with them. Third, perhaps you pick up some habits, for the next time... Well, it's fine, it wasn't a "party" in that sense, but it's great to have friends over. The big party thing is hard to have. To have it, and feel great about it, I would have to have my own little flat. I just thought about it for 3 secs, no, make that 1 and a half sec, and the problem is not about being host by yourself, it's rather being host in a home that isn't totally your alone. It's a different matter altogether when you live with colocs, or married (and in my ideal thinking, I should be married to someone who can throw a party once in a while with me, w/o falling into a manic state).

Oh, and while we're at it: an account of tonight's dinner. Aimee and Sabina are staying over. Wee came in with Sabina, left a bit earlier. Sayena introduced me the new boyfriend. We had chinese dumplings, but the skins were too thick, like the time we made xiao long bao - and really, this time I feel like giving up the making of dumplings. I suppose the process remains fun, and is a binding experience - as a stereotypically girly thing - I guess it's the equivalent of going hunting, for men? (some things are more easily doable in a suburban setting, then) I plugged in my MP3 player, but then soon decided to ask Sabster to plug in hers, which, for the first few randomly shuffled songs, didn't make a difference at all (hey, we're neighbors on And when everyone left, we hung out, Aimee, Sabina, and me, each reading something different. I was hooked on Vince's reading suggestion related to that discussion I had the other day. Sabina snatched up one of HK's free English-language weeklies (unlike Montreal's, those in HK cater to that rich, educated English-speaking minority). And Aimee caught a bunch of my Maxim magazines, Singapore version, to analyze the cultural phenomenon. (And there I go, showing up in all the wrong Google searches)


I wonder how it is with other minorities... eg if white people in Asia face a similar "the standard is Asian" as is the case here. Maybe if you moved over there you could write that article...

Cedric Sam said:

Well... In Hong Kong, they make CBCs like me feel like Westerners. We're Chinese-looking, but then not quite Chinese-acting (or, sometimes, the guy's wearing of shorts in downtown areas, and the girl's wearing of certain garments/cosmetics give it away too...). My aunt also tells me that others like me can be easily spotted at local McDonalds...


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