Pretty Default 3.2 Stylesheets, but OpenID auth doesn't work as advertised...

Yup, I messed around with templates, OpenID auth, and inadvertedly destroyed my styles. So now showing off the MT 3.2 default stylesheet... Which isn't that bad after all, but I suppose if I went out there, I'll realize I'm not the only person using MT-3.2. :P

Moving on... So I was trying a few plugins for 3.2, including one that allows authentication using OpenID, and Livejournal IDs. But unfortunately, yours truly is not very methodical in figuring out the use of MT tags, therefore I'll leave this for another night. It's not like troops of people are, like, dying to comment on my blog using their Livejournal IDs.

In other news, I activated some "tagging" plugin, which I guess, should help me classify the mess that is my blog?



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