Defacing of McGill College Avenue outdoor picture exhibit

Some hooligans painted comments all over some of the pictures part of the outdoor picture exhibit on McGill College Avenue, the portion between Président-Kennedy and Sherbrooke. Well, in 2002, the City of Montreal came up with a great idea of having those giant supports on the most downtown of all streets of Montreal, for an exhibit of uber-famous aerial photographs by Yann Arthus-Bertrand. So instead of wasting the support things, the City recycled the idea the following years with various photo exhibits on themes everyone enjoys (Montreal, ma ville; Grands personages du 20e siècle; that sort of stuff). The graffitis were sort of funny. Probably some students with too much time in margin of Frosh activities right across the street...

Adjust your mind / Reality is at fault

Non serviam

No two equals are the same

There is a cop inside your head

Wise up suckers

Abolish mental slavery

Last dead end kid

See outside the frame

Exterminate all rational thoughts

Beware the scumunist menace!

Your moma wears combat shoes

The 20th Century died dog yella


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