Season of Rain (bis)

Completing on yesterday's post. Umm, my mind wanders around. Cannot make a coherent post on a particular topic without diverging. Here we go, already I'm thinking of speeding on a 90 degrees turn.

I guess I haven't had a chance in real-life to discuss anecdotes, just because I haven't really done anything that wasn't logged and subsequently read by the friends I've seen and talked with (there are a number of people I have as friends who I didn't see yet in a conversation-enabled situation). Well, it happened last week, with old Taskforce colleagues, where I probably spoke non-stop about bits of my trip for 10 minutes. For the record, did not re-read my travel blog yet (you can though, see links on the right-hand side bar). Don't feel like having a conversation with the self of two to seven months ago, yet.

I had my churrascaria meal yesterday, and it was gruesome. With the income, I guess I'm once again up for travelling around the world on a stomach...

[music: Franz Ferdinand - Walk Away]


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