Congee and dumplings

I've been keen on getting congee right. For some reason, always felt like my parents' congee is a bit lacking. They themselves disagree on how it should be. My mother likes hers thick, while my father likes it thin ("...well, at least with thin, you can always make it thick again" Hmm, right.). Irreconcilable differences. I personally like mine in the middle. Not too thick, nor too thin.

I've been trying the following recipe, based on my grandmother's input on how to make a good chicken congee. Prepare a cup and half of rice by mixing with some vegetable oil and some coarse salt. Then, prepare chicken stock by boiling chicken bones for two hours. Add the stock to the rice/oil/salt mix. Let cook for a few hours.

As for the dumplings, am going to finish whatever filling left from a few weeks ago. But I need flour. Hmm...


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