I win!

My current work's to convert some program from a language (PHP) to another (Java). I hit a bump however the other day (Thursday) when I needed to re-generate the code for the mapping between relational database tables to Java objects, after updating the config files to fit (my mood) the new requirements. But it didn't work smoothly b/c of my user environment and stuff. It had to do with my classpath. So what do I do? Edit the classpath? The solution eventually appeared when I scraped the whole classpath!

Moral of the story: trust your instincts. When you think your desk is a mess, makes you uncomfortable, then maybe it's time to make clean [slate] (in this case, ant clean *g*).

Programming makes so much sense. It's like building a machine out of words, grammar, in place of nuts and bolts. There is beauty in elegant (or less elegant) programming style. Ever heard of obfuscated code-writing contests?


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