I will waste my Euros on you!

I had this idea on Friday while reading on food, that I would actually love to go on a food trip to France. My cousin from France (most of my dad family's living happily in France) throws the yearly invitation to visit the country, and perhaps the rest of Europe, but I always refuse b/c of my secret love affair with Asia (to be discussed furtherly around some hot cups of hk-style milk tea). But this time, I used food as a motivation, and thought, hey, I'd like to waste a few euros on food? WASTE EUROS FOR FOOD! (Besides, they're useless in North America, Asia, anywhere besides the Euro zone)

What eh. I have a father who cooks better French food than Chinese food (our weird way out of Guangzhou/China made both sides of family pass by former French possessions), so let me be, and raid that Parisian fromagerie! Or perhaps the whole market, while we're at it. And an hour later, you will see me in Bois de Boulogne chomping my bread with cheese, and wine bottle (in its paper bag).

The only restaurant I remember from my first and only trip to France when I was 12, was Le Pied de Cochon near Les Halles (and as I check their website, am proud I remember that detail!). Of course, I can't eat pig feet, just like I still dare not eat fong tsao (chicken feet). "But the delicious gelatin and crunchy cartillage!" Yes I know... :/

Wine and cheese, yes yes, that's right...

I also went from a healthy 140-142 lbs weight to 146-150 lbs in a month (actually 151 lbs tonight!). It's alarming, b/c it obviously coincided with my return to work, and return to the swimming pool... Quand l'app├ętit va, tout va (except your waistline).

Later: forget it. I took a snack a few minutes ago and I became 149.5 on the scale? o_O??


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