My Little Mediterranean Grocery Store

You will often hear me complain on this blog and in real-life about the lack of anything Asian in Montreal, starting with the food. But one fine to excellent thing about Montreal is its variety (on the cheap side) in various other things, including Meditteranean stuff.

This afternoon after sweeping the leaves in the backyard (you could go out w/o wearing a winter coat, isn't this super?), I followed my mother to Marché Adonis on Des Sources Boulevard, to what I had in mind as small nowhere ethnic grocery store. Turned out to be a renovated version of it, in its suburban largeness (not as large and mainstream-ish as Canadian-Chinese grocery stores, like T&T in every major Canadian market besides Montreal, can be - even though Montreal is by far the second largest city in Canada, the Chinese, usually English-leaning HKers, have deserted the city b/c of Quebec sovereigntist French-isation movement - a nonsensical reason I think).

We went for fruits, but you could order shish kebabs for takeout, houmous in the refrigerated counter, and a whole row of just with bags of beans. There's even that weird salted yogurt drink I had the other night at the Persian restaurant... And I found an Arabic-branded ("Phoenicia", locally-produced, I don't think one can find imported dairy products in this country). I assume it's middle-eastern style, and middle-eastern yogurt was a food discovery of the Egypt trip. It's chunkier and plain-er than the plain-est North American-style yogurt. The best during breakfast was always to add a spoonful of fig jam or honey to a cup of yogurt (we also purchased a small jar of fig jam for 99 cents! A produce of Egypt!).


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