Plain yogurt with fig jam

Simply one of this world's many edible joys. I always liked plain yogurt textured like gelatin, rather than the usual stirred variety they sell in most grocery stores here. The only mainstream brand selling the harder type of yogurt (Beatrice - with fruits in the bottom) stopped selling surely around a decade ago, and I never kept track with yogurts on sale (my parents would then occasionally buy 24-packs at Cosco). Recently, on the trip to Egypt, I started paying attention to the peculiarities of Arabic-style yogurt (not being a specialist of yogurt, I also assume this *is* the proper way to make yogurt in any non-Western country, which would include China), and tried putting fig jam in it, like my aunt recommended (I mean, duh, what else would you put). And of course, it made sense. A healthy, cheap (a pot of this sort of yogurt is only around 2$ for 500g!) dessert. No photos, b/c it actually has the appearance of puke.


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