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I got the ATI driver to work with 3D acceleration. That means games and cool Linux-only kickass screensavers. Yes...

Advice of the day! If you are ever faced with a crashed system, do no panic! Burn yourself a Linux LiveCD, which is Linux on a CD and boot from it, instead of from the hard disk. This will allow you to access your system, w/o making any changes to it (everything runs on the RAM, so you never actually modify your existing system). The most well-known Linux-on-a-CD is probably Knoppix, but many other "flavours" exist, such as Ubuntu, the live version.

In the future, one can imagine people storing their whole computer data (operating system included) on a portable memory device (USB key) and just carry it around to boot on any terminal they find on their way. Now *that's* portability. People already make live Linux for USB keys, but when the tweaking will have been done, I'll be an adopter.


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