teh painful

It was a painful evening trying to recover Sabs' HD. It wouldn't have been a complicated thing if my g33kn3$$ did not fog me from the law of the best solution being the most simple solution. In fact, we did the following: boot a perfectly working Linux computer with a Live CD, after removing the principal HD, and plugging in hers (with two partitions, one VFAT, the other larger one, WinXP-native NTFS). Transfer the files she needs to another Linux computer on the network. Transfer them again on a Windows 2000 machine, upon realizing that the 2nd Linux one didn't have a viable CD writing program. All this b/c Linux, as lovely as it sounds to my ears, refuses to work properly, and b/c I didn't think of, damn, just plug the HD as a slave drive in a working Win computer!

I can assure you that just two years ago, on my first Linux install, it really really sucked. The installers sucked, the packages sucked, *everything* sucked! I think that with Ubuntu, you are really starting to get a Linux distribution that can hold the road for desktop users. I can work from the command-line, but it's really all much more enjoyment if your favourite basic apps like a proper CD-burning utility was to work according to plan! Why the eff am even using WMaker as my windows manager??

These are moments when you don't care about raw power and go for the bearness of a Mac (it has nothing of a tiger or panther, imho - and windows is a duck).


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