Hockey is the lifeblood of Canadians

It's election time soon, and you can tell it's election time *in Canada* when the Heritage Minister announces she will get try to get the Canadiens' (the hockey team) games back on public TV (as of now, you will only see the Canadiens on non-cable TV on CBC games when the Habs are playing the Maple Leafs). >_> That reminds me of the Foreign Affairs minister (another cabinet member from Quebec) today comparing the sovereignist movement with a game of hockey (along the lines of, electing the Bloc is the first period, electing the PQ in Quebec City is the second period, and holding a referendum is the third - ha-ha!). Some reports earlier this week also pointed to the Conservatives trying to lure former Habs captain (and who won the cup here in 1993) as a candidate in Kingston. Ha?

(Remind me: lifeblood, not bloodlife. >_>)


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