Reading governorgeneral's blog periodically renews my admiration for doctors - or doctors to be. It's a bit hmm to grow up surrounded with people wanting to become doctors. It's often hard to distinguish the true from the fake. Who's doing it for the vocation, who's doing it for the money - but even if you did it for the money, it must still be a hell of a self-investment to get through medical school.

I have chosen to be a programmer, for now (it's nice to say "for now", b/c this way, you regard the rest of your life as a blank book for you to write in). I can see that my work would benefit something in the end of a long chain. And it would, I'm sure.

For or against biographies? I don't have time for biographies, so obituaries are alright. The Economist usually posts one per week, and this week posted two, one of three pages on top of the usual one-page one.

As a part of the grand scheme of things. Hmm. When you think about it, it might become all very overwhelming. What's all this? A very superbly wired machinery producing an "intelligence" capable of "choice", and writing this alignment of strings accessible to other superbly (finely) wired machineries? The chance to destroy ourselves is so great, yet that's not what we want.

Life is probably a continuity. Err. Our body works because it worked one fraction of second before this one. We "think" through a continual process of nervous impulses. We are born from cells from our parents, from their parents, etc, upwards to the primordial soup. That's really fantastic.

Snow plows with their quadruple/sextuple lights look like giant insectoid monsters in the dark of the night.



gg said:

I wonder about the what brings people to medicine thing too. Especially after seeing the kinds of people actually brought to medicine. Including me. But somehow, even if it is for most people more of a selfish than selfless thing to do, medicine still manages to do some good.

I like what you said, putting "for now" after things, helps keep things in perspective - you always have control, you can always choose. I choose medicine, for now...

... but at some point, "for now" won't cut it. Not that it makes your life any less the blank book you're still free to write as you please, but committing to something/someone might at least lead you where you want to take the story.

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