Asians in Quebec politics

There are no Asians in Quebec politics, perhaps b/c we're not a large-enough portion of the population, or that I don't really follow politics for real. But the weird thing is that both parties with a chance to elect anyone in Quebec have decided to pit Asians against the other team's leaders...

One Chinese community leader for the Bloc against Paul Martin in LaSalle-Émard, and one of unknown origin (my money's on Cantonese Chinese) against Gilles Duceppe in Laurier-Sainte-Marie. Look for it yourself, I don't want to be listed on Google (and I will empty the Google cache by year's end - cannot cope with tens of hits for some Utada Hikaru material I may have but don't have (can you believe that I'm hit #10! What's my opinion worth! T_T)). But the comment is that neither candidate has a chance (besides running against party leader, they're running in strongholds of the opposite party) but aren't they just poster boy/girl, as there is never ever any Asian in Quebec politics, even on the federal scene? And on top of it, shit happens.

(As I complete this entry, the night show on the Première Chaîne plays Chinese-sounding instrumental music - one by Mara Tremblay! Must check out that newest album that came out a few months ago already!)


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