Design Patterns

As I read the preview to Design Patterns, I recall that it was the recommended textbook for the object-oriented software design course (and true bible for all software programmers), one that I almost failed b/c I kept on not listening and fooling around in class (yes, even a senior undergrad...). The course, even if taught in Python, would've been infinitely useful today, as I get another design panic attack.

It is not so difficult: sleep a good night of sleep, get a hot choco - if you had a laptop, find the most comfortable sofa-chair at the nearest coffee shop, put a pen in your mouth and think.

So, I have memory leak problems. That's probably with the webserver setup, or something abusive in my program (my personality points me to #1). Hmm, I need a picture-viewing-submitting applet tied up to the framework. I have an insane obsession with clean elegant code - somewhat that seems to me necessary to be a good programmer, just that too much of it leads one to design panic attacks.

I guess it's not even a problem of knowing how to do it (it's all there in the docs), but just one of knowing the steps to take to solve a problem (any given sort of problem). Some people adopt a head-first attitude - which is not bad when you are unexperienced (and learn from your errors). You could over-prepare, out of insecurity, and nowhere will you ever get. Same goes for social interactions...



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