The Choco Fondue

And my dad asks me in the car, "well, so you had the chocolate fondue for dessert, eh". >_>

Had the "Quebecoise", a regular Swiss-style fondue, with the addition of local Oka cheese, along with the escargot (which were semi-cold, lacked consistency, but at least that Pernod-based sauce saved the day - if the snails weren't good, at least I know I could use the Pernod leftover in my bar for cooking!). The restaurant was very hip, and looked much more expensive than I thought it would be, probably influenced by the fact they preserved the layout of the old appartment house it was in a previous life. Sabs had the raclette cheese dish (potatoes au gratin, really) with dried venison and duck magret served on the side.
Fondue Mentale, on St-Denis.


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