Podcasts: for the musically uninspired

I think I try to unbore myself by listening to the radio - loving the music and shows on Radio-Canada/CBC so much. And now I discover that podcasts can be useful to non-iPodders, with software like Juice (I was told one can subscribe to podcasts by Winamp?). Well, anyways, nothing new under the sun - it's sure kind of intriguing as to why while the technology was there for such a long time (RSS, compressed audio files, widely available broadband Internet access), it would take such a long time to add things up, and for the concept of "podcasts" to be widely accepted as mainstreamish (of course: the iPod as the trendsetter).

RSS support will be built-in into the next version of Windows, Vista. While one might hate Microsoft for its all-mighty presence, it is for the mainstream computer user population the only thing that exists. Like, Firefox might have implemented tabs since its debut, but the "people" will only know about them (and learn to cherish them) whenever IE7 comes out... At least, it was announced this week, the MS IE7 team is deciding to use the icon for RSS popularized by firefox.

In the meanwhile, Radio 3 and Bandeapart.fm have awesome podcasts (the first being CBC's Canadian indie music semi-radiocast / full-satellitecast and the latter, its French Canadian equivalent), for low periods like 12 to 6 AM on Fridays...




gg said:

I just discovered my mayor's podcast site, https://www.regina.ca/content/city_hall/mayors_office/AudioBlog/index.shtml - Pat Fiacco's Audio Blog. You should start one too methinks - you have commuter train commutes, right? Perfect time to record a podcast yourself. Sign me up!

Also, see this month's Maisonneuve? Back cover: https://www.maisonneuve.org/index.php?&page_id=12&article_id=1922 - No Logo Like Home. As always, Montreal gets top marks! Regina? Probably for the best it didn't get mention.

smurfmatic said:

Heh. And will have to check out the Maisonneuve on the newsstands. I've recently started noticing that brand of dense artsy mags, like the New Yorker, the Atlantic Monthly...

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