Jaune 2005

Jaune 2005 is a remix of Jean-Pierre Ferland's 1970 classic album "Jaune". Not a classic to my limited Quebecois music knowledge, but it's with references to Ferland, and what other local singers (Roch Voisine? Hah!) that I grew up - of course alongside my mother's Andy Lau. Yeah... Well, imagine Teresa Teng Lee-Kwan in technopop remix? That reminds me of the "I love Serge" (Gainsbourg) techno remix I bought a few years ago on my last Radio-Canadien listening spree... But Jean-Pierre Ferland is not quite Gainsbourg. He's more like those charm singers from France, like Aznavour or Gilbert Bécaud. Well, to me, JP Ferland is the summum of Quebecois kétaine (cheesy) of the 70s, and an electropop remix of that is just fuckintastic!


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