JP Ferland - Sing Sing [remixed by Rest Area]

It's a remix that takes lyrics from at least two other Ferland songs, "Quand on aime on a toujours vingt ans", and "God is an American", and mixes it with "Sing Sing", which is really just a song about a poor fool coming out of the famed prison outside NYC, and makes it about one really weird mix that sounds more like a mid-life crisis? Oh well. While "Le chat du café des artistes" and "God is an American" (the remix versions) have played on Bandeapart, but also in daylight shows on the Radio-Canada Radio One, it was Sing Sing that made the buy.

Jean-Pierre Ferland - Sing Sing [Rest Area]

The best part? When the poor fool goes to the motel, and that there's no more brillantine, eau de cologne and the bed is all-carved down on one side only. C'est long vingt ans...


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