Le Paris

Le Paris

Before Wee left for Toronto for the holidays (where he will probably be eating Chinese food for the next ten days), we went to eat at "Le Paris", a more traditional French restaurant in an area where French food is the last thing you expect. Located in the quarter adjacent to Concordia University, Le Paris has been a favourite in my family for many years, with its hearty meals and walls decorated with posters of museum exhibits and Paris plays that probably haven't changed since the restaurant opened. If it weren't for the oysters, it would've cost below 30$, for a meal that fills and entertains the palate. So, Le Paris, on Ste-Cath just west of St-Mathieu. Probably one of the best French restaurants I know (of the few I do - and I'm not a very difficult person) - and the other's the pricier Au Petit Extra, on Ontario, somewhat walkable from Papineau metro.

(Details on the food: A lettuce potage in entree (with the temperature, one doesn't order salad). Bavette steak for me in a red wine sauce, and zucchini 'n tomatoes and some extremely buttery mashed potatoes on the side. A pear in "red wine" for dessert. Quality French bread that just keeps refiling itself. :D)


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